CHALAQUE ‘Sounds From The Other Ideology’ LP (ROWF 37)

by Golden Lab Records

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OUT NOW      Ltd to 300 copies    £11.99 + p&p

At a recent Mainliner gig, it occurred to me that Makoto Kawabata’s guitar solos are something like a Rorschach test for the ears: amorphous and allusive, they seem to invite the listener to discern whatever they want. There’s something of that, too, in Nick Mitchell’s endless in the red guitar soloing in these two lengthy live jams.A splash of Hendrix’s “Star Spangled Banner”, a flash of “Like A Hurricane”-era Neil Young, even a dash of the proto-fusion jazz rock of Larry Coryell’s “The Jam With Albert” are all briefly heard before Mitchell discards them and barges into another semi-accidental hook.” Daniel Spicer, The Wire

“Mitchell plays in a wild, wailing style that crosses the Beyond The Material Sky-isms of Billy TK’s Powerhouse work with the nagging blues tropes of Bill Orcutt and the proto-metal appeal of Sonny Sharrock circa Last Exit while Hardiman and Nichols play it like goddamn Motorhead, rocking out on endless two-chord garage punk dunts that are more Crushed Butler than Rangda. Seriously some of the best/wildest avant rock six string excess to come out of the UK since, what, Smoke Jaguar” David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue

“Nick Mitchell SHREDS THE FUCK OUT on his guitar, as if he was trying to use the six-string instrument to drain the life energy from everybody in the room, while Hardiman and Nichols add to the festival of destruction, ripping massive pieces of flesh with every single note and drum hit they make… It’s one of the most uncompromising, pedal-to-the-metal, burning and scratching psychedelic rock albums of this year. If not THE most extreme one. Highly recommended.Weed Temple

“Look out! Sounds From the Other Ideology is coming for your head. There is nothing which will mitigate its raw, psych fury from permeating your consciousness… Every so often, a release comes around that makes one smile and remember the reason they love music… Holy indica! Straight from trichome heaven, Sounds From the Other Ideology joins Astral Body Electric as my jams of the year.”Honest Bag

“With its lo-fi recording and improvisational nature, Sounds From the Other Ideology has a clearly wild, chaotic quality to it that gives it a sense of immediacy and intensity.  Never does it sound directionless or self indulgent, as can often happen in performances of this nature, it instead uses the sonic warts and technical limitations to its best advantage.  When things get messy, it is glorious, but things never go to far out of hand, and the group always manages to reign (sic) things in brilliantly.”

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