by Golden Lab Records

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First time ever on vinyl
Ltd to 100 copies on black 140g vinyl w/silk screened cover art

It’s been said that Amherst, MA’s Josh Burkett is an ‘unsung hero’, but really that’s a lot of hogwash. Among the ‘right’ company (Corsano, Coley, Valentine, etc), he’s sung loud and long. Former member of one of my favourite groups Vermonster, owner of the glorious Mystery Train record shop and deeply weird label Mystra Records, and a musician of ungodly skill, dexterity and wilful oddness, he’s had regrettably few vinyl releases to his name in recent years. This re-issue of his finest solo album aims to address that. Never has a musician’s output more accurately represented his personality and Josh is a distinctly unobtrusive but delightful and deeply interesting man. His voice – quiet and a little bashful – gives the listener a clear choice: listen carefully or lose out on something amazing. And his (acoustic and electric) guitar playing, often overlaid with all manner of other instrumentation and recorded ambient sound, is, I say without hesitation, nothing short of sublime. Humbled to be able to put this out into the world once more. Pre-sold out in two days, folks, sorry ya missed it.