by Golden Lab Records

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Vol. 1 – £15.99 + shipping (£4 UK, £6 Europe, £9 US/Canada, £12 r.o.w.)

Vol. 2 – £15.99 + shipping (£4 UK, £6 Europe, £9 US/Canada, £12 r.o.w.)

Both volumes – £27.99 + shipping (£5 UK, £7.50 Europe, £11 US/Canada, £14.50 r.o.w.)

“Surely it is the dream of anybody who got into listening to rock music (as a passionate life changing force rather than a head nodding space filler) to learn the basics needed to play an electric guitar and just let loose with everything turned up full blast. The act is intensely invigorating, but there’s also something spiritual at work that has a life of its own – a surge of raw power that only the guitarist can control… Comparisons can be made to Glenn Branca’s guitar orchestras, The Velvet Underground’s “Sister Ray” improvisations (especially when the feedback begins to howl on the B side of Vol 1) and “Expressway To Yr Skull”-era Sonic Youth, but also to the Howling Hex Hildreth Tapes triple that Golden Lab unleashed in 2013… Far out or full on, this is the sound of rock’s past, present and future crashing together and reinventing itself.” The Wire, Nov 2015

“absolutely essential two volume collection with crazy HEITKOTTER esque artwork courtesy of SUNBURNED HAND’s JOHN MOLONEY – both references work sonically as well — DSDV are one of the preeminent “free rock” bands out there, cutting edge, tip of the spear, reconciling out-there free jazz- maybe think COLTRANE’s ASCENSION- with pummeling heavy psych straddling BARDO POND and THE STOOGES — the drummer and bassist maintain an in-and-out telepathic groove while six freaked out guitarists cut loose like almost nothin you’ve ever heard, a semi improvised yet well considered exposition of riffs – my god, it’s full of riffs – prepare yourself for a hundred minute hurricane of mind-blowing finger-blistering bliss” PSI LAB

Individual artwork combinations with every copy – no two alike. Each LP in an edition of 250 and selling fast. Don’t miss out.