Connie Acher – For Giving LP (ROWF 72)

by Golden Lab Records

180g vinyl with super heavyweight casebound tip-on jackets
£15.99 + shipping (£4 UK, £10 Europe, £12 US/Canada, £14 r.o.w.)
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Connie Acher is the songwriting pseudonym of New York City artist Melodie Provenzano. Known primarily for her hyper-realist paintings, which undermine her love of 20th Century detritus – junkshop porcelain figurines, ribbons, wallpaper and arts-and-craft toys – either overtly, by juxtaposing those objects with grotesque symbols of decay, e.g. rats – or subtextually, by suggesting decay purely through the capturing of the objects on canvas, her songwriting on her debut album for Golden Lab Records, For Giving, gives way to similar thought paths. Titles such as “Treasure”, “Rats” and “Precious” (with its repeated pay-off, ‘Someday we’ll all be gone’) tell stories of a young woman in early 21st Century New York City, which are at once banal and weighty. Her deadpan voice delivers sublime melodies over sauntering cadences of unadorned instrumentation – acoustic guitar, bass, drums, Casios, Crumars and their ilk – which reinforce the junkshop theme. They’re everyday songs of love and loss – drab revenants of 20th Century ideals doomed to haunt us through our memory of promise. Stunning in their understatedness, they take us back to a simpler time that perhaps never really existed and, yet, make us wish for it anyway. Absolutely essential.