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Mel O’Dubhshlaine “Deformed Vowels” (ROWF 62/GIRO001) LP OUT NOW

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Ltd to 250 copies on 140g vinyl w/ full colour card sleeve

£14.99 + shipping (£4 UK, £6 Europe, £9 US/Canada, £12 rest of the world)

Joint release with Club Papers records. Mel O’Dubshlaine is a Leeds-based synthetic noise merchant (formerly performing under the Ocelocelot moniker). An obtuse musical fantasist, M O’D is a purveyor of heavy space-chord amalgamations, drum pad improv and, most recently, the human voice synthesized into abstraction and stripped of communicative utilitarianism. Always great live, this supporting pillar of the Ashtray Navigations empire stands independent, peaceful like a heron, as the brown river unremittingly carries pillagers’ debris downstream to some godforsaken industrial necropolis, long ago taken hostage by Japanese knotweed.



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80mm x 80mm. Designed by David Bailey. Woven overlocked edge. Glue-backed for easy iron-on application. Shipping from 7th May.
£3 GBP + shipping (£0.80 UK, £1.70 Europe, £2.50 USA/Canada/Rest of World).

Grip one quick while stocks last.

Matt ‘MV’ Valentine “Midden Mound” 2LP Gatefold (ROWF 51)

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Edition of 300 copies only. OUT NOW. £28.99 + shipping (£4 UK, £7 Europe, £10 US/Canada, £12.50 R.o.W.) Pay by PayPal to

Massive, expansive new Matt ‘MV’ Valentine 2LP “Midden Mound” (ROWF 51) on Golden Lab Records. Featuring a host of guest performers, including Erika Elder, J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Jeremy Earle (Woods/Woodsist), P.G. Six and Michael Flower. An 11-track combination of sprawling jams including the incredible Rudy Rucker inspired “Freeware” and beautiful songs across two 180g slabs of wax. A truly wondrous, sun-blinded, summer stoner record that throws its sandals in the duffel bag, lets the sand slip through its toes and tramps off in the direction of a mirage of a gigantic effigy of Ganesh.

Housed in a stunning, super-heavyweight UV coated gatefold jacket w/ enormous poster insert. Absolute must-have and Golden Lab’s personal record of the year. Do not miss!

The Gamecock “All Right, Hen?” LP

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Ltd to 250 copies on 140g vinyl w/ brand new artwork and original art on insert
£14.99 + shipping (£4 UK, £7 Europe, £9 US/Can, £12 R.o.W.)
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Originally released on Gary War’s Fixed Identity imprint on cassette in 2011 and then reissued by Beartown in 2013, again on cassette, this is the real highlight of the three Gamecock albums recorded at the beginning of the decade. A huge stanky monster of a record. Here’s a slightly twerked version of the original write-up…

Duo of Stuart Arnot (Smear Campaign/Plum Slate) and Nick Mitchell (Chalaque/Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura). They play a kind of arrhythmic, un-danceable funk of high-end frequencies and low-end drum machines, fed through a wah-wah and rammed forcefully into the listener’s cerebral cortex. Pitch-shifted Casio crap and unadorned Roland Juno shimmer are melded to form what is at once both sweet and listenable and yet still, somehow, horribly repellant. Sitting somewhere uncomfortably, painfully and way away from the hypnogogic pop bandwagon, where the drum machines have bronchitis and the synthesizers sneeze, they are brutally loud, joyfully all-consuming and epic in their prolongation of the crescendo.


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Ltd to 300 copies on 140g vinyl
£14.99 + shipping (£4 UK, £7 Europe, £9 US/Can, £12 R.o.W.)
Payable by PayPal to

Could not be more excited to confirm the release of the new LP by this absolutely untouchable trio on Golden Lab Records.

Last year or thereabouts, Bill Nace (Body/Head) released a super limited LP (50 test pressings only!) with the wonderful saxophonist Steve Baczkowski on his own Open Mouth imprint and it was barely off the Golden Lab stereo for the rest of 2014. A bedazzling demonstration of whacked, yet stunningly controlled guitar feedback smashing up against a wall of droning, wailing, crying and screaming sax, which each worked as the other’s tonal parallel, it was without doubt one of the records of the year.

It was closely followed by an LP augmented by free drummer extraordinairE Chris Corsano, frequent Corsano collaborator, saxophonist Paul Flaherty and legendary Vermont-based freak-folk vocalist Dredd Foole, again on Nace’s Open Mouth label. A very different record for the augmentation, it was nevertheless arguably even better than the duo LP and careened into a near-wash of pulsating static energy with instruments coming to the fore and then dipping away back into the ecstatic cacophony.

Now, ‘Stolen Car’, recorded in January 2013 and performed by Baczkowski, Corsano and Nace, and featuring Flaherty napkin art on the front and back covers, pushes the re-set button and does something completely different again. The sprawling title jam that covers the entirety of Side A scratches and crackles before exploding into a full-on roar of expressionism that stretches the formerly unseen boundaries of free jazz, practically suggesting a dogmatism about the genre as it existed prior to this recording. Side B collects three shorter, similarly rabid pieces, which each elevate Baczkowski’s playing to new, mind-boggling levels as he proves his mettle against two of the most outstanding proponents of their respective instruments in the world today.

Absolutely unmissable and in a run of just 300 copies. No re-pressing, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Golden Lab T-shirt

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New b/w Golden Lab ‘ringer’ t-shirts now available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Shipping from Mon 2nd March 2015. £8 + shipping (£3 UK, £5 Europe, £7 US/Canada, £9 R.o.W.)

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Scotch Broom Collective ‘S/T’ LP

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Ltd to 250 copies only
£14.99 + shipping (£4 UK, £6 Europe, £9 US/Canada, £12 R.o.W.)

Amazing, whacked archival recordings from Bob Fay (ex-Sebadoh/Deluxx) and friends, including Conrad Capistran (TARP), Jason Lowenstein (Sebadoh), Ann Slinn (Somerville Players) and Mark Perretta (Deluxx/Deluxx Folk Implosion), initially slated for release on Thurston Moore and Byron Coley’s Ecstatic Yod Actuel Ass Run series around 20 years ago, now made available to ya by Golden Lab Records. Featuring great, sarky Byron Coley liner notes, the LP collects home cassette recordings from between 1987 and 1995 that offer a fantastic aural bridge between the grunge-offcut, North-East American, lo-fi sludge-rock scene of the early ’90s and what later became known as ‘New Weird America’. These will not stick around for long, so be quick!

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£14.99 + shipping (£4 UK, £6 Europe, £9 USA/Canada, £12 R.o.W.) payable by PayPal to

The totality of Edwin Stevens’ vast appeal as a musician isn’t usually something you can get to grips with by listening to one record alone. He likes to give it to you in bite sized, stylised chunks. As the alpha member of the Manchester underground music nerd set – a mirror world of the city’s explicit culture, where benevolence, good vibes, an active pursuit of self-doubt and a hazy absence of self-importance are paradoxically coupled with your usual countercultural aural fuck-you-ism – he’s played regularly in at least five completely stylistically unconnected formations at any one time since moving to the city from North Wales about eight years ago and probably more like 50 in total. The only people I know who haven’t jammed with Ed are members of my family and he’d probably jump at the chance if they asked him. You just can’t pin the lad into a corner. That said, ‘Disappointment’ is exactly the kind of record I always dreamed about putting out by an Ed-led project and only knowingly incongruously titled in the sense that it might be a response to the arrogance fundamental to Manchester’s depressingly irrepressible musical heritage. It’s a unification of everything he’s been brilliant at within various contexts. I love to see him ecstatically ripping it up ostrich freestyle in Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Zweiters and Yerba Mansa. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want him to sing me beautiful sincere Irma songs of apology and regret or slaughter his guitar like it’s an opponent in a Wrestlemania contest, like he does in Klaus Kinski. All those normally disparate elements coalesce on this wondrously weird, hypnotic, earnest, outer limits rock record, which is why I was so bloody keen to put it out when he first played it to me in his kitchen last autumn. Not that he’d have struggled to get anyone else to do it. Listen to the thing – it’s ruddy sublime, which makes his one word sign-off on the sleeve notes all the more annoying: ‘Sorry,’ he says. Pfft! — Nick Mitchell, Dec 24th 2014


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Limited to 250 copies on 140g vinyl

In stunning matt black and silver sleeves


£14.99 + shipping

After intense one-on-one dialogue with Heather Leigh on the label’s renewed remit to present beautiful records that showcase all styles of ‘guitar’ in all their extremities, Golden Lab is delighted to deliver to you what is, no question, an absolutely blinding example of just such a record. A recording that captures Heather Leigh direct to cassette – one of those performances where the pedal steel was raging so hard that the vocals never had the opportunity to even make an appearance. Recorded in glorious mono and mastered to really bring out the harshness of those insane tones, the capturing of this performance to cassette gives the pedal steel an almost tape-like quality itself and its transfer to vinyl only warms it up further into a new zone of somehow cosy metallicism. This is an absolute joy – a real tear-yr-face-off record that sort of acts as a companion piece to HL’s recent work w/ Stefan Jaworzyn in Annihilating Light. Pre-order now, it won’t stick around for long.


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“Golden Lab’s micro-press reissue is a real boon for less connected fans of revelatory, hallucinogen-infused American primitive… Burkett’s songs work shards of memory, place and time into winding traditional forms with the help of fractured acoustic guitar and mumbled vocals that are as expressive as warm breath. It’s a supremely dislocated set, every bit as personally fractured as Skip Spence’s legendary 1969 comedown, Oar.” David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue

Our first 100 copies of this gorgeous record sold out in ONE DAY and we received so many emails asking why we hadn’t pressed more. So, we decided to give folks a fair crack of the whip and press up another 100 copies with alternate colouring on the glorious screen printed cover art to distinguish it from the first pressing.

If you missed out last time, make sure to get your order in fast.

UK – £4 + £1.50 for each extra
Europe – £6 + £2 for each extra
USA/Canada – £7.50 + £2.50 for each extra
R.o.W. – £9 + £3 for each extra

Please pay by PayPal to stating which item you are ordering